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5 Lazy Ways to Look Important

Charisma, talent and wealth are possible factors for standing people out but the five elements discussed below will make you look important even if you are not charismatic, talented or wealthy.

  1. Absence: Have you ever looked at top celebrities and wondered why they are so revered? I bet you are wondering but the truth is that celebrities and top personalities rely on the power of absence. It is this that brings them the fame, money and name. The fact that you don’t get to see them always and even when you do it is only on TV or when they are hosting a show or concert is what makes you place them in high regard.

I bet that if you get to see your favorite superstar on a daily basis you would have little or no regard for them because they would strike you as ‘ordinary people’. This explains why they appear so important. So if you want to follow in that regard, stop putting in appearance all the time. Go to that place once in a while. Absent yourself with a blue moon appearance on any presence at all. This however should not apply to your place of work where you are not the boss else you’d lose your job for being silly.

  1. Silence: There’s also power in silence. If you must appear Important avoid talking a lot. Put in one or two words in every discourse and when they come out let them carry wisdom. I mean how many times have you seen people who look so intelligent until they speak?

Most people look so smart but when they talk you get disappointed and you lose all sense of importance or respect you have for them. Words we speak and how we say them are important. They reflect how people see us and the level of reverence or importance they would attach to us. So be a silent Socrates.

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  1. Avoid ‘See Finish’: As much as people try to trivialize this statement, there is a powerful truth in it. The general idea is not to give people an impression where they have seen you in and out; where they know you in toto. To appear important therefore, you have to be clandestine in your dealings. Even if you have a problem or are going to solicit help from people don’t reveal too much or go to far.
  2. Look Good: This is a major factor if you must appear important. Looking good is good business. It makes people respect you. It puts you in a good light. You don’t have to wear expensive things. It’s not even about what you wear. It’s how you wear what you wear. Have the impression that you are a brand and that whatever way you appear has a way of affecting people’s perception of you.
  3. Run on Schedule: This is the ultimate giveaway. If you must look important, you must do the things important people do. One of the things important people do is they operate based on schedule. All their activities is planned out with time. You don’t have to be fully engaged to run a life based on schedule. You may have free time on your hands for the rest of the week but always make it appear as though you run a busy schedule. It will give people a sense that you are up to something big and they will take you more seriously.

Your ordinary daily life can take the form of a schedule. If you have to meet a friend by Saturday, let them know the date and time you’d be available. Don’t just ask them to come even when you’re free. Make it known you operate by schedule.

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