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A Period To Celebrate Women


Kehinde Imole Ayo’s short film, Period is both a box-office movie and a docu-drama. While it tells the story of Adunni, a young girl who experiencing her menstrual cycle for the first time due to the fact that she has reached adolescence, the film also leverages on the subject to educate young girls about the subject of femininity and public health.

The movie is foregrounded by the use of orality and nostalgia. The Yoruba teacher who uses poetic renditions to impress knowledge on the students without losing touch with the real and imagined realities of their lives, is exemplary of the director’s desire to return education to the times when it was not just a science of preparing youngsters for the future, but a platform for them to discover the humane values of oneness, love, charity, friendship and respect.

Period also raises the alarm that we are neglecting our young girls as a society. It reveals that we are leaving the awareness of our young girls to wolves instead of having mothers and fathers who should have time to explain to them their bodily changes. It also noted that many young girls in Nigeria today do not have full awareness of their reproductive health status. They do not know how to take good care of themselves during their period and they do not have the ample financial support to constantly buy sanitary pads to contend with the monthly flow.

The film is also a subtle eulogy to womanhood. Despite the myriad of challenges and oppression facing women in Africa, they remain the spiritual and emotional pillars that creates the binary balances for our world. He uses orality and poetry to achieve this seance in the short film.

In private conversations with the director, Kehinde Imole -Ayo, He said that women should be cherished in our society because they are the only ones who shed blood through a private part because of the urgent engineering of reproduction and continuity of the race. He also said that contrary to oppressive views, the kinds of pain women go through every month, coupled with the social realities that almost make them buckle into submission, they remain resilient and responsive to their responsibilities.

Period is a well thought about movie. It is also a social project that hopes to start a conversation on womanhood in ways that destroys every pillars of chauvinism from its meaning-making foundations.

Suleiman Galadima

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