About us

About The Journal

One of the most critical, daunting and devastating problems of the 21st century is the growing trend of misinformation and disinformation on virtually every aspect of contemporary life and society. This is more so with the advancement of modern information technology and the burgeoning of social media. The crises of misinformation, disinformation and poor information analyses based on sentiments, parochial interests and pure mischief have been fuelled, often intentionally and unintentionally, by people and groups who profess to be merchants of the media and non-media outfits alike. With the development and direction of information technology and the superfluity of access in the global information highway, online and offline, there is now more than ever, the pressing need for reliable and trusted sources of information and information analyses that provide “truthful” and verifiable information, based on scientific and empirical research, critical reasoning, objective analysis, and professional journalistic conduct. This is the gap that The Journal seeks to fill, thus promoting positive change in the trend of 21st century media. The Journal is a contemporary media outfit which is dedicated to providing objective and professional analyses of national and international news, ideas, philosophies, trends, and events, with a dedicated and diverse team of professional, vastly experienced and knowledgeable editorial collective.




The Journal seeks to become the most reliable, first choice Pan-Nigerian information and public knowledge platform

Core Values

  • Truth
  • Objectivity
  • Integrity
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Empirical Research
  • Constructive Criticism
  • Professionalism
  • Analytical Reasoning


The Journal shall embody the elevating and transformational ethos of the media on the wheels of objectivity, rigorous enquiry, critical engagement and great professionalism. It will:

  • mend the growing gap of misinformation and disinformation in the 21st century media;
  • provide a balanced objective and comprehensive analyses of current news and stories of interest;
  • offer deep, critical insights on national and international issues and development;
  • explore national and international socio-political and economic trends, promote the good and the beautiful, and denounce the bad and ugly;
  • partner with the Nigerian government at all levels by bringing to light laudable achievements of government, providing strategies and ideas for national development, engaging in constructive and objective criticism of government policies and practices, and working with government towards fulfilling sustainable development objectives;
  • partner with existing think-tanks in and outside Nigeria in promoting ideas and strategies for national development, and in placing such ideas and strategies in the front burner of national discourse, and strategically engaging governments for the purpose of implementation and advancement;
  • partner with respectable individuals, businesses, corporate and other organisations, and communities towards the growth, development and promotion of legitimate and positive, or inspiring private, corporate, business, socio-political and economic interests in the country; and,
  • pursue profitable programmes and projects that will add value to the Nigerian life, and promote the positive and inspiring values and ethos of the Nigerian nation and our shared humanity.