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Baby Shark Tops YouTube, Gains 7.04 Billion Views on Youtube


The classic nursery rhyme, Baby Shark, has emerged as the most-watched video on YouTube. The song which was first released in 2016 has now replaced Despacito with a record number of 7.04 billion views on the popular video channel.

Baby Shark first became popular in August 2017 with a viral challenge that saw people filming themselves doing the dance moves associated with the song. The song is more popular with kids and is so catchy because with their limited vocabulary it ( Baby Shark ) makes it easier for them to follow with a predictable melody.

The fact that Baby Shark has an upbeat tempo similar to how catchy adult pop songs are is what makes it even more popular.

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The song is thought to have been around for a long time before a version was made by Pinkfong, a South Korean Company. It is this version that launched the viral craze which took off in Southeast Asia. Copyrights owners of Pinkfong have been reported to have been inspired by popular Korean bands like Black Pink, Red Velvet, and Girl’s Generation.

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