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Bull Dog Emerges Winner in US Electoral Polls

As Donald Trump and Joe Biden battle for the Presidential Elections, a bulldog has been announced the winner in the regional elections of a Southeastern district in the United States. The French dog, identified as Wilbur Beast, was declared mayor of Kentucky. Wilbur emerged winner in what has been described as a landslide victory.

According to sources, Rabbit Hash, an unincorporated community along the Ohio River, elects a dog as mayor every four years. The ritual is said to have been in place since the nineties.

Reports also have it that Wilbur’s victory wasn’t just any victory. It was a historical one with a record of 13, 143 votes which is the highest number a winning candidate has ever received.

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There were also runner ups which include a beagle named Jack Rabbit. Poppy, described as a golden retriever, came in third place.

According to WLWT, an NBC affiliated television station, ‘Wilbur won’t exactly oversee how Rabbit Hash is run, but keeping in line with the many dog mayors before him, his main task will be to help raise money for the historical society and other causes such as breast cancer and mental health.’

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