#EndSARS: Nigerian Protesters Arrested in Egypt

Some protesting Nigerians in the diaspora who were were protesting against police brutality in their home country were been arrested in Cairo, Egypt recently.

Abike Dabiri, Chairman of Nigerians in Diaspora Commission has immediately refuted the allegation that the Nigerian government was involved in the arrest of Nigerians in Cairo.

She revealed that the Nigerians arrested, were not apprehended at the Nigerian Embassy, but at another location.

In a video that went viral online, the Nigerians were seen chanting solidarity songs as they clamored for a total reformation of the Police Force and a change in bad governance.

One of the protesters in the video explained to the policemen that the protest was not against police authorities in Egpyt.

Another protester emphasized that by protesting at the Nigerian Embassy, they are believed to be in their country – Nigeria.

Dr. Olufunmilayo, a Twitter user, alleged that ‘Nigerians were having a peaceful protest in Cairo Egypt today (Sunday) and the Nigerian Embassy called Egyptian police to arrest them…’

Adebayo Apanpa, another Twitter user said, ‘Consular to Nigeria Embassy in Cairo, Egypt refused to interact with peaceful protesters. They were all arrested shortly after their demands to speak with the consular.’

 According to Toyin Abraham, a Nigerian popular actress, in her tweet said, ‘Aunty Abike @abikedabiri, please we are waiting to hear from you ma. The peaceful protesters that were arrested in Cairo should be released.’

Dabiri in response to this clarified that Egypt has laid down rules guiding public gathering.

The NIDCOM boss also added said that ‘The Egyptian police dispersed them, then traced them to a very far place. They didn’t arrest them at the mission. They came in a bus driven by an Egyptian. The driver has also been arrested. The mission will do all they can. Egypt is very very strict with its laws.’

‘Nigerian mission did not call Police. In Cairo, gatherings without permits are banned. In Egypt, you can’t even travel from one part of the country without a permit to travel from the state you live in. They have their own rules which they strictly enforce.’

‘However, the mission will be engaging with the Authorities to see what can be done.’

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