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Finding Nigerians on YOUTUBE


It’s no secret that YouTube is the go-to place for visual information of all kinds and on all subjects. YouTube is for sure the biggest video sharing service in the world. According to The Fact Site, there are over a billion users on this platform. This is nearly one-third of everyone on the internet. It is also the second largest search engine in the world after Google.

It is therefore no surprise that everyone that has the means, wants to showcase some talent, or has something to say, is making their way to YouTube. Nigerians are not left out. We are steadily carving our footprints in the sands of fluid internet searches, and are getting our content out there for the whole world to see.

Here are some Nigerian YouTubers you should check out, if you haven’t already:

1. Dimma Umeh (@DimmaUmeh)

Formerly known as That Igbo Chick, Dimma is a powerhouse in the Nigerian YouTube scene. Arguably the biggest Youtuber in Nigeria, Dimma has gathered tens of thousands of followers who absolutely adore her. She is a beauty and lifestyle YouTuber whose channel is a treasure trove for those looking to start applying makeup at any level.

But her channel is more than a “how to do your makeup tutorial” channel; Dimma is funny, witty, and a proud feminist. She talks freely about the realities of life and shares insights on her life as well. If you want to know how Nigerians actually talk, act and how smart we are? Tune in to Dimma’s channel.  You will have the time of your life.

2. Chizi Duru (@ChiziDuru)

Chizi is a bag of laughs and many more. Originally a hair YouTuber, Chizi has said many times that she started her channel because she couldn’t find the kinds of videos she wanted to watch; and those were videos that talked about natural hair on black girls and women. She decided to fill that void, and fast forward to four years later, she’s one of the most prominent Nigerians on YouTube.

Based in New York; her videos are a mix of hair care tutorials, makeup tutorials, funny clothing haul videos, and more recently, brand and video reviews. Her use of a Nigerian accent with an American one, funny mannerisms, and effortless phrases delivered in the signature Nigerian accent will keep you going back for more every time.

Ever heard the phrase “You can’t talk to me anyhow“? Yeah, that’s Chizo.

3. Toke Makinwa (@TokeMoments)

Popular Nigerian OAP and media personality, Toke Makinwa might be controversial and a bit intimidating. But she is a barrel of laughs, a bag of money and a fellow advocate for common sense. Love her or hate her, Toke serves the truth as she sees it and she does it in a funny, self-deprecating way that you just can’t help but love.

Whether she’s dishing relationship advice, business advice or just plain silliness, Toke is always dressed like the Baby Girl for Life. Even if it’s just for her wonderful fashion, you should check out her page.

4. Yemisi Olusanya (@SisiYemmieTv)

Are you wondering what to cook tonight? Or the recipe you have is confusing and you’ve forgotten whether the chicken goes in first or the pepper? Never fear, Sisi Yemmie is there for you. Sisi Yemmie is probably the biggest Nigerian food YouTuber you will find. Her way of breaking down recipes from scratch to making a wonderful meal is very endearing.

Not only does she cook in her own kitchen, making it a very personalized experience; she also brings us into her world to meet her husband, children, and even the nanny. Sisi Yemmie’s YouTube page is like visiting a friend and watching her make a home-cooked meal. If you haven’t checked her out, do it now.

5. Franklin Emmanuel (@FranklinEmmanuel)

Have you ever made money online? Do you dream of making money online? Then, this is the youtube page to search for.  Franklin teaches his subscribers with concise explainer videos, the step-by-step approach that he uses to make money online from different ventures.

He takes it a step further by sharing best websites to use, and breaks the business of making money online down to the nitty gritty. He might not be the biggest YouTuber yet, but he is definitely someone you want to know and whose videos you want to watch.

There are many more Nigerians making us proud on the internet, and with the world going global, now is definitely the time for it. The internet is vast and accessible, it is also open to billions of viewers on the planet.

 Ameenah Oke

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