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Five Love Signs to Look Out For in a Relationship

Have you ever been in a relationship or wonder if the person you are dating or intend to date actually likes you or not? Well, here are a few tips for you:

1.Communication gap: How well do you communicate with your partner? What’s the communication gap between the both of you? Do you guys talk, hardly talk or talk on rare occasions. When you chat is the conversation juicy or just there? Do they even take hours to reply your message or communicate in a way that makes the conversation completely disengaging? These are important questions and you must be wondering why but the reality is that communication is an indicator for good or bad relationship. It is the network that drives every relationship. It is also the connection that binds people so once communication is lost, your relationship is as good as gone. If s/he does not communicate with you as much, it is as good as they do not love you or have you in mind. Out of sight does not necessarily mean out of mind. Lack of communication is!

2.Mutuality: Is the affection or contribution to the relationship mutual? Don’t forget that love is a mutual thing. Once you are giving more than your partner then it is a sign that something is wrong. It may not look like it especially when you are in love but there must be a strive for balance.

3.Misunderstanding: How often do you guys quarrel? Is there always a misunderstanding? If there is you have nothing to worry about. Relationships are not entirely a bed of roses. There must be fights and quarrels. If there are none it should call for concern. This is because misunderstanding is a necessary evil. It is the foundation on which true relationships are built. So if your partner is in the habit of always quarrelling or arguing with you it does not necessarily mean they do not love you. It might be their own way of communicating with you and you’d do yourself a lot of good if you pay attention to it the right way.

4.Time of Need: Do they only call in time of need or say they need so so amount urgently when you message them first? If yes you had better be on the run. Statistics show that in six out of ten relationships one of the partners is being used to the advantage of the other. What this means is that a record number of relationships are parasitic in nature. Oftentimes the person making the demands might be in a relationship and just using you to finance their central bank or doing something in a similar capacity. So if you notice they call you only in their moment of distress it is a clear sign that they are using you and they do not love you.

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5.Sex: So you meet this guy or girl and they are willing to let you slide and next thing you are thinking. He loves me. She loves me! I Well, I hate to be the one to break it you but sex is not a guarantee for love. In other words, sex cannot make certain if someone loves you or will love you. This however does not overrule the possibility of people falling in love because of sex/romance. But the fact that people fall in love is in fact the very reason they fall out of love. Sex therefore does not guarantee a thing.

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