Fuel Scarcity Looms as Depots Stop Loading

There is the high probability of fuel scarcity in Nigeria as some depots have stopped loading-trucks.

Alhaji Abubakar Maigandi, the National Vice President of Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (IPMAN ), disclosed this on Wednesday in Abuja.

He stated that the #EndSARS protests and the resultant crises have stopped the marketers from transiting their loaded trucks.

According to Maigandi, since petroleum products are highly inflammable, the drivers decided to park their trucks in safe places nationwide.

He explained that since consumers buy fuel on daily basis and there is no replacement, there is bound to be scarcity of petroleum products.

Maigandi further stated that the marketers do not hoard products so there will be no reservoirs to turn to upon the exhaustion of available stock.

When questioned on whether there is any fear of scarcity, he said ‘definitely, because some of the depots are not loading due of insecurity.’

‘The ones that have already loaded parked their trucks in the yards so that protesters will not set them on fire. There is no way you can have sufficient fuels in the filling stations because we don’t do hoarding.’

The IPMAN Vice President pleaded the protesters to dialogue with the Federal Government for the amicable resolution of the crises.

He urged the protesters and government to dialogue in order to bring about a lasting solution.

His words: ‘The EndSARS issue is a Nigerian issue so the protesters and government should dialogue over it for a lasting solution. Nigerians (both government and the governed need to have attitudinal change. So, it is better to dialogue.’

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