Governor Seyi Makinde Loses Mother

Governor Seyi Makinde, Governor of Oyo State and a prominent member of the opposition People’s Democratic Party has been reported to have lost his beloved mother today. She passed on at the age of 81 years.

Mrs Abigail Makinde was according to his son, ‘blunt to fault’.

L-R: Governor Seyi Makinde’s mother and a bosom friend

Makinde who cherished his mother so much that he kept her off public gaze could not but celebrate her during her 80th Birthday, last year, In July, Governor Seyi Makinde celebrated her becoming an octogenarian. He said ‘actually, while growing up, when I saw other kids being given Christmas presents and I went to my mother to request for mine, she would tell me if I did not receive such presents yesterday, definitely, I didn’t deserve them today. So she is blunt to a fault’

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‘She says things the way they are and I think I took a little bit of that. We planned big for this birthday, but mama did not let us have it the way we planned for it.’ When I asked her why she replied that when my father turned 75, we had a big birthday event for him and he died one year after. So I think Mama is not ready to die’.

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