Kenneth Copeland Mocks Media Announcement of Joe Biden’s Win

Popular American televangelist and author, Kenneth Copeland, has mocked the media following announcements that Joe Biden had won the US Presidential elections. Copeland, who is the founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries and reported to be the richest pastor in the world, laughed hysterically at the report while preaching on Sunday.

Copeland has always been a staunch supporter of Trump given the latter’s Christian background and his inclusion of the faith community in leadership. In a video broadcast titled ‘How God is Using Donald Trump’, Kenneth Copeland explained why Donald Trump is a product of God’s design for America.

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According to Copeland, America needs a reawakening to God. To therefore continue God’s plan for America, the 83 years old televangelist insists that Americans must vote and take a place of authority where America is concerned. Voting as such means rooting for Trump as opposed to Biden who the Copeland says is ‘against the bible’.

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