Lagos PDP Elders Demand Apology from Ayo Fayose

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Lagos State Chapter, has given Ayodele Fayose, former Governor of Ekiti, seven days to apologise “for the deliberate unwarranted vituperation” on party elders in the state.

Taofik Gani, the PDP Spokesman in the state, revealed in a statement, that the disagreement occurred when Fayose gave a wrong counsel which was capable of turning the youth against the PDP leaders in Lagos.

The former Governor was said to have allegedly advised the party during the inauguration of the PDP Campaign Committee for the Lagos-East senatorial by-election on Tuesday, to send Chief Bode George, its former Deputy National Chairman, on ‘political retirement’.

According to Lere Olayinka, his media aide, in a statement entitled ‘Lagos PDP must retire Bode George to make progress’, Fayose publicly disclosed that such a move would help the party to make progress and win elections in Lagos State.

However, the PDP spokesman urged the former governor not to be a bad mentor to the younger ones in the party.

‘Fayose will be declared Persona non grata in all her indoor and outdoor activities from Monday 12th October 2020, unless he, Fayose, purges himself of the grave nuisance value arising from the unsolicited and divisive advice.’

He further urged the former governor to refrain from all forms of infuriating statements against party elders or any action detrimental to the progress of the party (PDP) in the South West.

‘Only a sadist, mischief-maker or rooky politician, will decide to peel healing wounds, like creating more political foes, at a period very close to major elections.’

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‘We are nearing very important elections in the state to take us into winning Lagos State in 2023 general elections.’

‘We need all togetherness and complimentary efforts possible of the old, young, male, female.’

‘It is thus shocking that a supposed leader would come to our state to ‘tear’ us apart rather than give positive and progressive uniting advice to us.’

‘We will hold Fayose responsible for any future election loss in Lagos State and indeed the South West.’

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