LASWA Begins Sanitisation of Waterways

The Lagos State Waterways Authority LASWA has begun the periodical exercise of clearing and removing water hyacinth across jetties, terminals, and routes on the state inland waterways.

The exercise began on Thursday at Ikorodu, Badore and Badagry and will be extended to other zones.

Mr.Oluwadamilola Emmanuel, the General Manager of Lagos State Waterways Authority disclosed in a statement that Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has approved the clearing in order to ease navigation.

The statement reads: ‘The Governor Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu has approved the clearing of all impediments to smooth navigation including the Water Hyacinth (a highly problematic invasive species) obstructing the free flow of traffic on the State inland waterways.

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‘Therefore the Agency has mobilized the required labour force and machinery to the project sites to commence immediately.’

The GM also stated that ‘this effort is to mitigate the occasional damage of Boat Engines caused by this stubborn aquatic weed and to eliminate delays in travel time while promoting the use of water transport as a viable alternative that is safe, fast and secure.’

Water Hyacinth is a free floating and flowering invasive aquatic plant. Water hyacinth has significant negative impacts on ecosystem services. Water quality can be affected by the invasion of water hyacinth.

Oluwadamilola stated that the government’s intention to improve safety standards and procedures in the state is to provide safety for all Waterway users.

He also cautioned boat captains to always drive carefully during this season and pleaded for maximum cooperation of all stakeholders to bring about clean, safe, and prosperous waterways.

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