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Man Calls Out Uncle’s Wife for Domestic Violence, Advises Other Men

A man has called out his uncle’s wife for alleged domestic violence. According to the man who made the post via his twitter handle, @Alan_yournextbf, he advised that men look out for the type of women they got themselves involved with. This is because and according to him ‘my uncle wife dey beat am’. The post appeared to have taken the form of a ridiculous commentary as the twitter user advised that ‘before you marry her, try to look for trouble at least once to see if she can fight kung fu’.

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Questions have emerged over the years as regards the biases in discussing violence especially when it relates to gender violence. Violence in general is usually attributed to the male gender. That is, men are believed to be the only ones capable of brutality. An ersatz of violence in this regard will be the home-based violence also known as domestic violence. While some opine that it is exclusive to women, others aver that men are also victims.

Statements in the comment section however showed otherwise. One user, @_fucio, made the reality of the situation clear by saying ‘Wow, he is an abusive situation…sorry’. Another user also commented that men also face domestic violence.

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