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The Meghan Markle Show: A Bad Example for Society

Joining a Royal family, even by marriage, puts one in the public eye. This makes one susceptible to the judgments, prejudices, and scrutinies that come with it. Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry of the United Kingdom, has been in the news lately. World-renowned broadcaster, Winfrey Oprah had an extensive and exclusive interview with the couple and the revelations caused shocking waves, not just in Britain, but in other parts of the world, especially the black communities.

After coping with many years of frustration from the British media and the palace, Meghan Markle decided to come out and express what she called her truth. But the question most people are asking is: is Meghan’s truth “the truth”?

What if she had all these planned out from the very beginning? What if she’s playing the victim in all of these? What if she’s equally using her husband, the prince, to achieve some personal ambition? A critical look at the whole saga from the very beginning is perhaps expedient.

Meghan Markle had been peddling various narratives about the royal family prior to her marriage with Prince Harry. If all the allegations brought against the royal family are anything to go by, why didn’t she back down before the wedding? This is because she clearly revealed how much hostile the palace was towards her at the time.

Arguably, the British media showed signs of dislike towards her in the way they reported some of her activities before and after the marriage. But even if the media was guilty of this, does it mean everyone in the system disliked her? What if there were uncomfortable truths published about her?

More so, Megan already knew the family she was entering, which is a royal family and the most prominent one in the world. She knew what marrying a prince of the royal family means and then, she did enjoy the publicity and paparazzi that came with it.

This calls for deeper scrutiny on why she hid all she claimed had been going on with her in the Palace up until now before voicing out. This is at a time when the prince technically lost everything!

Apart from falling prey to the British press scrutiny, Meghan enjoyed solid support from other parts of the world most especially the West and the black community. To many of them, she is a hero, idol, role model, and an example to other black ladies. Some ladies, it is said, used her as a prayer point in houses of worship following her story of coming from a very humble background, then landing in the Buckingham Palace as the Duchess of Sussex.

Clearly, Megan had fun back then and enjoyed every moment. It is a different story today. It’s a story of hatred, rejection, racism, depression, thoughts of suicide, among other claims.

Apart from the backlash she is getting from different quarters, this interview reveals Meghan is in “charge” of her family. It seems only her view is accepted in the family. She seems to have forgotten Harry is a born prince and would remain so.

However, she supported his move to relinquish his title, position, and even entitlements as a prince to live like a commoner in a foreign land.

She knew what this will bring to the royal family. She knew how devastating this would be to Prince Charles, his father; Prince Williams, his brother; and the Queen, whom the prince claims he’s very close to.

In spite of all these, she encouraged him to turn his back on the royal family. The only thing Harry has to keep as of today is his title because he is a born prince. But as for all entitlements attached to a him as a prince, he has nothing.

Here comes the big question, is Harry ready to remain a commoner forever? What if Archie their first child and others yet to come grow up to have a different stance? What if their children see this as a game plan by their mother to ensure that their father abandons totally the life of royalty he has known from youth?

On the issue of depression and near suicide, she claimed she made attempts to get help from the royal family and she was turned down. Did she tell her husband about this when it was happening? Or did she keep it from him? Couldn’t her husband been able to get the royal family to help her on the issue? Was she trying to go through it all alone without her husband’s assistance? Her story is pathetic to say the least, but its originality is questionable if tested on the waters of fairness.

The deed has been done. The royal family has denied ever treating her badly. People are now choosing whose side to take. But the truth is Meghan has damaged the image of the Buckingham Palace extensively.

Majority of the people now see the royal family as racist. She has succeeded in painting the royal family as comprising a bad people that wanted her dead. But has her revelation changed anything apart from making her a victim, and portraying the royal family as a dangerous people?

Is this an attempt to bring ridicule to Buckingham? Shame looms everywhere in this.

On top of all these, it is no longer news that Piers Morgan, the popular presenter of Good Morning Britain, a very popular morning show on ITV has left the show because he expressed his own opinion about Meghan Markle story.

Piers honestly said he didn’t accept a single word of Meghan in her interview with Winfrey Oprah, and about 41,000 people signed a petition to Office of Communication (Ofcom) which prompted Morgan to quit.

Buckingham palace is dealing with the loss of a prince to the outside world, while Piers Morgan has lost his means of livelihood. Who else is going to lose something or what else is going to be lost in the process of shedding light in stygian places?

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Of course, there are always two sides to every story. It does appear that all what Meghan said in her interview happened, but what if most of them were hyped? Only time will tell what Meghan is set to achieve by slamming the royal house with all these allegations.

One certain thing is that this may not be solved now. It may take a while before the truth emerges. It is however hoped that Meghan will not end in shame for going this far to bring shame to the British royal family.

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