Nigeria @60: Nigeria May be on the Brink of Collapse, Gen. Abubakar warns

Nigeria has not Learnt her Lessons

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Abdusalami Abubakar, a retired General and former Military Head of State, disclosed in a recent interview in Minna, Niger State, that, a great number of Political leaders in Nigeria, after it 60 years of independence, are yet to take caution, from what led to crises in previous attempts in entrenching democracy and good governance.

General Abubakar in his statement, said, ‘Some tried to implement what has been learnt, others are throwing caution to the dogs. You will find that there is a lot of agitation in the country, everybody wants to go out.’

He however said that, for the country to achieve greatness, every Nigerian, must be ready to contribute their own quota in governance, as all hands must be on deck.

‘For Nigeria to attain greatness, we must become a disciplined society. It is unfortunate that there is still indiscipline in the country. People don’t obey rules and regulations set by the government.’

The General, further emphasized that Nigerians should adopt the spirit of patriotism, and endeavour to remain loyal and disciplined, so that the country can experience meaningful and significant development.

Abubakar said, ‘Every Nigerian is expected to do their best. Desist from sabotage and assist the government in its effort to improve the country’s economy.’

He pointed out the path of division that Nigeria is moving towards, and how the mentality of every man for himself has eaten deep into our system, causing a depreciation of national values, which could lead to the fall of a nation.

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‘There is Arewa Conservative Forum, there is Afenifere, thinking of the Yoruba nation, there is IPOD, thinking of the Biafra, the Urobo nation, Ijaw nation, and so on. So, you can now see we are now slipping back.’

He said, ‘We are not thinking for Nigeria. First, we are thinking of our tribe. People think they are being marginalized, people think there is no equity or justice and they think that by trying to come out, they can now carve an empire for themselves, a nation for themselves where they think there will be equity and justice which they feel is being denied them.’ he said.

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