Nigerian Lady Graduates with a Perfect 5.0 CGPA

A Nigerian lady has come out to share her life story after her graduation. She bagged a perfect CGPA. The lady identified as Mary Otunba graduated from Caleb University Business School with a 5.0 CGPA. Mary has said that her success was a result of hard work coupled with drive and ingenious resilience. She stated that she had to minimize many of her expenses to singlehandedly sponsor herself through school. Unlike many of her friends who were supposedly living the life, using high-cost gadgets, she said she had to cut her coat according to her size and even below her size.

According to the Caleb University graduate, she had to use the popular torchlight phone for a period of two years so she can get to pay her bills.

Mary, who got an internship job with a big company, said she lost her father prior to her admission so all the financial burden was on her.

She also claimed to have slept in an uncompleted building for years, so she wouldn’t be far from her place of work where she made little money.

Appreciating her new position and status she said, ‘My experience over the years had thought me that life is in phases. All I need is to enjoy every bit of it cos they are not meant to last forever.’

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