‘Nigeria’s Economy is Directionless’- Nigerian Economic Summit

The Nigerian Economic Society, NES, criticised the government of the President Buhari yesterday. NES told member of the Senate that the economy was unstable and directionless over its handling of the economy.

Apart from being excluded from the NEMT, the NES president informed the Senate that the various ministries, departments and agencies were not consulting members of the society for the required expertise and capacity training of their staff.

She said that the economy was nose diving because the Presidency had refused to involve economists in the economic management team to give direction to the formation and management of valuable economic policies

Ms Sarah Anyanwu, the President of NES led members of the society on a visit to the Senate Minority Caucus, when she lamented that Buhari’s regime excluded economists from its economic management team.

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She said, ‘The practice assisted past governments in making sound economic policies required by circumstances or situations on ground.’

‘However, the exclusion of economists from the National Economic Management Team under the present administration has glaringly shown in the adverse effects on the economy, which those who can read the indices and indicators correctly, can see is nose-diving.’

‘Our exclusion from the NEMT is seriously making the nation’s economy to be unstable and somewhat directionless.’

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