NIPCO: More Vehicles in Nigeria to Run on Gas

The Nigerian Independent Petroleum Company (NIPCO) Plc has pledged its commitment to ensuring that more vehicles run on gas in Nigeria, in order to improve efficiency and a cleaner environment.

Mr Sanjay Teotia, Managing Director of NIPCO Gas Limited (NGL), affirmed that the firm was committed to availing motorists the opportunity to convert their cars to run on gas which is a highlight of the Federal Government’s initiative to reduce dependence on fuel usage. This is due to the huge amount being expended on fuel subsidy.

As a response to the forum organised by the Aggregation Company of Nigeria, to discuss the mode of gas utilisation, Teotia revealed that NGL is making provisions for infrastructure to facilitate the use of gas as the preferred energy source to motorist and industrial concerns.

The company is reported to have fitted about 6,000 vehicles to run on gas in Benin, Edo State, since it was inaugurated by Alhaji Rilwan Lukman, the then Minister of Petroleum Resources. The firm is launching in-built gas-powered automobiles as a possible alternative to foreign-made automobiles.

Mr Teotia further stated that the company has so far authorised about eight Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling stations in strategic locations and has also set up the biggest gas compression plant in West Africa in the country.

Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osibajo had said that one of the key ways to make energy cheaper for Nigerians in running their day to day activities is by using CNG, which is made possible through the conversion of cars that run on fuel to gas that run on gas.

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Sanjay said the company’s efforts which has made more motorist to embrace the use of gas in place of fuel especially in Benin, Edo State, where the project took off and in Ibafo, Ogun State where the biggest gas compression plant in Africa is stationed, is in line with the Federal Government’s initiative to enable vehicles have the capacity to run on both gas and petrol.

He cited the Benin pilot project as being a good illustration of cars running on gas given that a great number of taxis in the area are already using gas.

He said, ‘We have since improved our manpower to key in appropriately into government’s vision on vehicle conversion to run on gas as more enquiry are been made in our outlets on how vehicles especially those running on petrol can be fitted with kits to use gas.’

He also added that the involvement of the NGL into the gas realm has increased employment opportunities for Nigerians and also exposed them to the latest technology in gas compression and vehicles conversion.

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