NLC Demands New Head of Service in Kogi State

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has demanded the replacement of Mrs. Deborah Ogunmola, the Head of Service (HoS) in Kogi State, on grounds that she has exceeded the required 35 years of service.

The union urged Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello to appoint a new HoS to oversee the activities of civil servants in the state.

Onuh Edoka, Chairman of NLC in Kogi, called on the State government during the first annual Regular Trade Group Council Meeting to address this issue.

Mr. Edoka expressed the disapproval of the entire state civil servants stressing that a retired Head of State could no longer rule over the Head of Service.

He reiterated that keeping the woman in service ‘when she would have retired two years ago is a disservice to the qualified and hardworking staff, whose non-retirement has killed their ambitions of reaching the pinnacle of their careers.’

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He further noted that, ‘The extension for her stay in service has expired and the NLC is not aware that the government has renewed her stay in office. We don’t want industrial unrest that will result from the anomie.’

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