Police to Disallow Protests in Lagos

The Lagos State Police Command has expressed commitment to counter any form of protest or social demonstration either peaceful or otherwise. The command noted that the state is yet to recover from the massive destruction wreaked in the state, during the #EndSARS protests that ricocheted across the country.

The warning was issued following speculations that some groups have made plans to set in motion ‘the mother of all protest’ in the country, in a bid to express their grievances against police brutality and bad governance in the country.

Superintendent Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the spokesperson of the state police command, revealed this in a statement stressing that any suspicious gatherings under any guise in the State would not be permitted.

The Police command spokesperson made reference to reports gotten from relevant intelligence agencies, he said ‘some unpatriotic elements or group of people’ have set out plans to launch another round of violence in the state ‘which has been analysed as dangerous and counterproductive’.

He proceeded by saying that, ‘Premised on this, the command, therefore, wishes to warn any individual, group of students or any group who might want to stage any form of protest, either peaceful or violent, or gathering whatsoever, to desist.’

He added, ‘The police and other security agencies will collectively and tactically resist any security threats or threats to public peace, which might be triggered by protest or protesters in Lagos State.’

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Furthermore, ‘The Police Command, emphatically, warns parents and guardians to discourage their children or wards from embarking on any protest in the state as the possibility of hijacking it by armed hoodlums to cause grieve and pains like the recent past is evident.’

‘We encourage the general public to ignore any call for protest and go about their lawful businesses as all hands are on deck to maintain law and order and public safety across the length and breadth of the state.’

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