Protesters hit the street amid Police warnings

Revolution Now Protest in Lagos. Credit: ShaunTV

As Nigeria celebrated its 60th year of Independence on October 1, 2020, about 200 Nigerians who are members of the RevolutionNow Movement hit the streets of Lagos, pouring out their pain and dissatisfaction, as they demanded the end to bad governance and requested for new leadership in the country.

The protesters bewailed that 60years after the country gained freedom for self-rule from Britain and more than 20 years of continuous democratic rule, Nigeria’s socio-economic advancement has been quashed by bad leadership.

Some other states in the country aren’t left out of this protest, as people stormed out, regardless of their tribe or religion, clamouring for change and better governance.

Recall that some members of the group were arrested last year, not exempting their leader, Omoyele Sowore, a former presidential candidate.

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