Residents Loot COVID19 Palliative Warehouses in Osun State

Youths in Osun State recently discovered a warehouse full of COVID19 Palliatives at Ede, Osun State. The residents found the foodstuffs at Cocoa Products Industry Nigeria Limited, Ede-Osogbo Road, Ede North, Osun State. They were the same CA-COVID19 food supplies made available to the government by the private sector, FCMGs, and agricultural initiatives to support the government in supporting Nigerians during the COVID19 Pandemic.

Youths and residents of Osun State have taken it upon themselves to take as much foodstuff as much as they can. They have accused the State of depriving them of the palliatives during the lockdown.

In a video circulated online, the resident were looting the warehouse while cursing the Osun State Government.

According to an online source, Two more warehouses have been discovered in Osun State;in Ilesha and Oshogbo

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