Senator President Lawan Pleads with Protesters to Return Home

Senator Ahmad Lawan, President of the Senate, assured protesters that the National Assembly would ensure that the five demands they made to the Executive are implemented. Lawan expressed this during plenary at the upper chamber.

Senator Yahaya Abdullahi, the Senate Majority Leader briefed members of the senate on the protest of many Nigeria youths across the country. Senator Lawan’s response to the briefing was that the demands of the protesters were legitimate. He assured the protesters that the National Assembly will make sure that their demands are met by the executive arm.

He however pleaded with the protesters to return home and give the Federal Government the chance to implement their demands.

‘We took a motion sponsored by Distinguished Senator Oluremi Tinubu on the challenges that we face, especially with respect to the SARS activities across the country and, of course, we took far-reaching resolutions.

‘Nigerians, let me say, have the right to peaceful demonstration. When they feel very strongly about issues, they can do so to call the attention of the leaders of this country for appropriate action to be taken.

‘I believe that the government has responded, SARS has been disbanded and all the five demands of the protesters have been accepted.’

‘What I’ll urge here is if such demands have been accepted, then we should expedite taking action to actualize them.’

‘Both chambers of the National Assembly have identified with the protests that they are legitimate protests and demands.’

‘I think the next vital step is for the protests to stop because the initial reasons for the protests have been accepted as facts and the government is trying to do everything possible.’

‘I urge the government and that includes us, that we should push to ensure that those demands of the protesters that the executive side has accepted to implement are implemented as quickly as possible,’ Senator Lawan said

Photo Credit: Daily Trust

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