Senator Teslim Folarin: ‘Why my Dogs Didn’t Attack the Looters’

Teslim Folarin, lawmaker representing Oyo central senatorial district, said his dogs were caged when a mob stormed his Ibadan residence. According to him, over 350 motorcycles, 400 freezers, and 350 generators meant for the empowerment of his Constituents were looted.

Folarin expressed surprise over the attack thus: ‘I got a call that some hoodlums were trying to break into my house. I was totally surprised because it is a gated residence. I also have dogs there who were unfortunately caged at the time’.

‘The first thing we did was to put a call through to the police but the police were not interested. They said if they come to the residence and someone gets killed, they would run into trouble again and so they didn’t come.’

‘So, we didn’t get help From anybody. They overpowered my security guards and stormed the premises.’

‘What I suspect is that a lot of people were going about their normal businesses until they saw people grabbing motorcycles, generators and all sorts. Some just went in, grabbed also, and left.’

Folarin said he was planning to distribute the items to the same people who looted his house.

‘They were just in a rush. I wanted to give it to them. I do it every time.’

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‘You would recall that I did the same during the COVID-19 pandemic when I got friends to donate trailers of rice because I don’t have that sort of money but I have friends who can help.’

‘It was meant to be for empowerment of people because we know how difficult things are.’

‘The whole idea was to help people out but unfortunately, they were in a hurry and broke in and took everything. Very unfortunate!’

Responding to reports that the allowances and salaries of federal lawmakers were outrageous and fueling the anger of the people, Folarin said this was just a common misconception.

‘Can you tell me one politician that left the national assembly as a very rich person? I think there is a lot of confusion with the salary and running cost of offices’ he said.

He added that there was too much focus on the earnings of federal lawmakers while people were ignoring the governors.

Iredele Deborah

Photo Credit: Premium Times

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