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Styling Ankara Pieces

In a world where fashion is ever changing, it is a thing of delight to note that there are some pieces that remain ever trendy. Prints and patterns, colour and shapes are those fashion forays that always make a statement. Whether it’s one piece in your outfit or the overall look, having a print fabric in your ensemble easily makes you stand out.

And what better print to wear than our very own ankara? The ankara fabric was, in fact, originally designed by the Dutch for the Indonesian textile market. But it gained more popularity in Africa because of the culture markings on it. And in today’s world of fashion, the markings on our ankara fabric draws inspiration from more than our roots.

Ankara fabric is a vibrant mix of colours and wonderful patterns, whether geometric or fluid, they arrest the eye and lift the spirits. You can’t wear ankara and be dull, you begin to shine from afar. It is therefore no surprise that ankara is used to make more than clothes. The fabric is now seen in use for making bags, shoes, pillows, even furniture and jewelry. And why not? Who doesn’t want to sit in a room full of vibrant print fabric?

Styling ankara pieces can sometimes be tricky to style, but that’s why you have your dear ankara godmother here to help. You can style Ankara pieces with solid colours or print, or with their very own ankara brethren and you will definitely look good doing it.

Making A Bold Statement

Nothing says big, bold and bougie like an all-ankara ensemble. If you want to blind your enemies with the vibrance of your ankara, then serve it to them from head to toe. The beautiful thing about matching your ankara from head to toe is that you don’t have much styling left to do. Some muted jewelry and accessories to complete the look will do just fine. You want the ankara to shine, so don’t hide its beauty with overstated jewelry.

Mix And Match

Whoever said you don’t mix prints and patterns obviously hasn’t experienced ankara. And I use the word experience with confidence, because it is a sight to behold. This sort of style is what we call ‘serving them hot-hot’, where you don’t give them a whole ensemble but you whet their appetites with two strong pieces of ankara-made clothing or accessories.

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This styling method requires a little more thought than the bold statement but it is definitely worth the small effort you will make. First, you must ensure that the pieces you want to pair are complimentary (unless your bold statement is the clash, then wehdon ma). You must also ensure that your accessories are not working against your ankara, so be discreet with them. Let the ankara announce your presence and command respect.

Beach Bunny

Girls just wanna have some fun in the sun with their wonderful ankara beach accessories. Whether it’s

an ankara trimmed hat, or a waist/cross body bag to hold your phone and ATM card, the ankara fabric brings some class and vibe to your beach experience. And your photos are going to be amazing as well. That definitely doesn’t hurt.

Bow It Out Or Wrap It Up

Bows and headbands, as well as head wraps have become a massive fashion statement. You can convey all the message you need to convey with some beautiful ankara head gear. Or are you having a bad hair day? Let me introduce you to the world of ankara head covers and wraps. These beauties take the shame out of your bad-for-the-day hair by providing you with a ready solution that’s stylish and chic. Style your headband with some neutral clothing and let it be the centerpiece, or add some more ankara accessories for a full ankara face lift.

Bag It Up

When you want your ankara ‘chic’ to be different from the crowd, you carry a bag that is made with the most divine ankara fabric. So that whenever you drop that bag, your audience is dazzled by its beautiful brilliance. I would advise you style your ankara bag with matching ankara shoes or jewelry so you have an echo effect. It is also a great addition to monochrome looks and neutral inspired clothes.

Ankara Tech

What, you thought ankara was only for casual outfits? Let me tell you that you are very much mistaken. Just imagine walking into that boardroom in your power suit carrying a stunning ankara laptop bag. The confidence you walk in with when you know you are carrying a thing of beauty and a conversation starter. Believe me, it is a very good ice breaker at the very least.


We can’t write an article about ankara pieces if we don’t include accessories and jewelry. Ankara earrings and bangles are among the most common ankara pieces you will find because they are an instant outfit elevator. They give you boho chic vibes, or the edgy sexy lady vibes depending on how you pair them. Make a statement with a bold pair of earrings, or dangle a multitude of ankara bangles on your wrists to call attention to your whole vibe. And if accessories aren’t your thing, how about a nice bold ankara notebook to show you mean business.

There are several ways ankara fabrics can be paired and used, but one thing is certain about all of them – THEY STAND OUT. Join the team of standout fashionistas today and get some ankara pieces in your wardrobe.

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Written by: Ameenah Oke

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