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US Election 2020: Biden Ahead of Trump in Polls

The U.S. presidential election polls have shown that Joe Biden holds a national lead over present President Donald Trump. Media reports and surveys showed that Biden was ahead by a 7.2 point percentage on Sunday.

Although, this is not a definite case in key states which could conclude the election.

Even so, Biden’s national lead over President Trump has been relatively steady in recent months. The International News revealed that in the October 27 to 29 polls, Biden had 51 percent ahead of Trump who followed with 43 percent. It also revealed that ‘Trump is still close to Biden in enough state battlegrounds to give him the 270 state Electoral College votes needed to win a second term.”

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media polls further revealed that states like Florida, North Carolina, and Arizona remained a probability.

Trump, however, has threatened legal actions to forestall the counting of ballots after the day of the election. He emphasized that post ballots are not guaranteed as Democrats would try to steal the election.

There have also been widespread reports that Trump could declare victory prematurely but Trump dispelled such news saying it was a ‘false report’.  He stated, ‘I don’t think it’s fair that we have to wait for a long period of time after the election.’

The President had expressed suspicion over mail-in-ballots stating that it is open to fraud and warned of ‘bedlam’ if there is no quick emergence of a winner.

‘I think it’s a terrible thing when people or states are allowed to tabulate ballots for a long period of time after the election is over, because it can only lead to one thing,’ he added.

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