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Who’s Your Daddy?

What has your daddy ever done for you that was worth breaking the internet over? Did he pay for your education or get you a really good job? Did he give you connections that have helped you establish yourself as a force to be reckoned with personally and professionally? These are the questions flying all over social media as Florence Otedola (DJ Cuppy) showcased the rainbow of Ferraris bought for her and her sisters by their billionaire father, Chief Femi Otedola.

It is no secret that the Otedolas are among the richest families in Nigeria, with their businesses in several industries like Oil and Gas, the Banking Sector and so much more. The Otedola name is one that is sure to open doors at any turn. It doesn’t hurt that the Otedola children are also huge successes in their fields, and seem to be cool and collected according to their social media interactions.

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Cuppy, as she’s fondly called, is probably the most visible in the public eye and she is a DJ, singer, producer and philanthropist that has won several awards for her work. Her sister, Temi, who is most famous for dating Nigerian artiste Mr Eazi, is a fashion blogger and entrepreneur.

Although the other two Otedola siblings aren’t as much in the public eye, we do know or have read about them. Fewa, the only boy and last child of the family is autistic but is obviously very loved by his family. And Tolani, the first child is a talented singer and songwriter.

The latest publicized Otedola shopping spree however had many Nigerians asking the question, “God When?” in askance of when they would be able to afford such luxury. It also served to bring even more popularity to the girls as it seems that everyone wants to see just what the Otedola sisters are doing for themselves.

From people speculating over who would marry the Otedola girls to berating their own fathers for not being rich, the internet has been a spectacular avenue for thrilling ‘Gbas-Gbos’. One thing that has been made clear though is that this money must be made, not just for ourselves but for the children we will have.

What started as a lark and showcase of wealth and ‘pamperedness’ has become an eye-opener to many Nigerians on the reason to double, triple or even quadruple their hustle to ensure that they and their generations to come are celebrated just as much. While it doesn’t always matter who your daddy is, it certainly matters who your friends are as your network is your net worth.

And you can of course trust the Nigerian sense of humour to take over. It’s all good-natured bantering and we are all happy for them.

But I have to ask in case any of them reads this article: is there room for a new daughter somewhere there? Or, is it a best friend you need? Please tell me where to apply.

Ameenah Oke

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