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Jessica Ezinne Kalu

Jessica Ezinne Kalu

Jessica Ezinne Kalu is a Business Development Executive, who lost her parents while she was a student at Abia State University.

However, she did not allow this ugly event to define who she wants to become or stop her from achieving her life dream.

At first, Jessica was suddenly overwhelmed by the harsh economic realities of her parent’s demise; she decided to develop an unquenchable passion for Business Development, although she studied the French Language.

While she did her best to achieve excellence in her courses, she also ventured into a business to finish her University programme. She started a clothing and wig business as a student in order to fend for herself.

  • Jessica Ezinne Kalu
  • Jessica Ezinne Kalu

Her exposure to the intricacies of business propelled Jessica to become determined enough to equip herself with the skills, necessary for business success. She also developed a passion for Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and Management.

Today, Jessica Ezinne Kalu is the Business Executive of May University Press Limited, a renowned, educational, strategic research and publishing firm, registered in Nigeria.

She started her career formally with Suave photos, a media/ events firm as a Business Customer Service Operator. Her impressive performance got her the role of Marketing Executive of the company. She worked on the infrastructure development of a new branch in Omole, Lagos State.

  • Jessica Kalu

Thereafter, Jessica left Suave Media Photos to join May University Press Limited as a Business Executive Officer. She is also the CEO of Zeeplug (gifts ideas) a nongovernmental Initiative based in Lagos.

According to her, ‘‘the concept behind Zee-plug is to bring smiles to individuals, family and friends through gifts which are the medium for the expression of love.

Jessica’s diligence and humility have helped her to forge admirable social and professional relationships with others. She is fun to be with. She loves swimming, reading novels and hanging out with friends. She has a beautiful disposition and loves to enjoy life to the fullest. In her words, “Life is sweet and it should be enjoyed.”

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