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Abimbola Olubukola Adebayo

Abimbola Olubukola Adebayo is the Founder/CEO of Bimmar Apparel, a clothing brand based in Lagos. Her brand meets the need of numerous clients in Lagos. Her designs are tailored casual wear, birthday, and wedding dresses.

Her company provides quality fabric and beautiful accessories to her numerous clients. Abimbola is a graduate of Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ogun State where she studied Marketing.

She has deployed her marketing skills and customer relationship skills effectively to build her brand. As a result of this, her client base has increased significantly.

She believes so much in customer service and her passion for customer satisfaction has helped her to grow her business using referrals. She works hard to ensure that her clients are always satisfied. Customer satisfaction and quality delivery are her watchwords. She always gives her best to her work.

Abimbola also uses her brand to empower teenagers by creating platforms for young people to learn from her. Her passion for dressmaking comes from her desire for elegance and loveliness. She started by making clothes for herself which usually catch the attention of people.

This prompts them to ask questions about her designs, from there; she extended the business by creating designs and making clothes for others. She grew up in a family where all siblings are males. An experience she considered exciting. This contributed to her adventurous and daring nature. Abimbola is bold, beautiful, and loves to leave her footprints in the sands of time, wherever she finds herself.

Her major life motivation is to work for God and to help those in need. She loves meeting new people, watching movies, and cooking in her leisure time. Her ultimate goal is to become a well-known fashion designer and to have a fashion school both in Nigeria and abroad.

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