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Terrorist! Iranian Leader Slams Donald Trump

Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, has expressed satisfaction following the confirmation of Joe Biden by the US electoral college as winner of the US presidential elections. Speaking to his cabinet, the Iranian president said that while Iran is not particularly excited about Biden’s win, the country is “very happy” that Donald Trump would cease to be the President of America. During the televised meeting, Rouhani berated the incumbent US president and tagged him a terrorist. His words: 

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“A person who committed so many atrocities, who was a killer, a terrorist, who doesn’t even spare our vaccine efforts. This is how much this person is bereft of all ethical and human principles.”

Although the Iranian president posited that his country is “not very excited with Biden”, Rouhani nonetheless expressed a willingness to work with the incoming administration so as to expand ties with Western countries. Biden on the other hand has made it clear that once he assumes office, he will make efforts towards rejoining the nuclear talks with Iran and lift the recently imposed sanctions by the Trump administration on the country. He maintained that negotiations will also need to take place to discuss the Iranian missiles program and other activities in the region.

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