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Militants Mount Attack on U.S NATO Base in Afghanistan

Militants have attacked a military base in Afghanistan. The militants struck a main U.S NATO base in Bagram district of Afghanistan’s Parawan province which is north of Kabul. The Bagram Airfield capital of Kabul, has been a main U.S and NATO military base in Afghanistan for over 19 years.

According to a government spokesperson, the militants mounted the attack with five rounds of rocket fires. Throwing more light, the source revealed:

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“Five rounds of rockets were fired onto Bagram Airfield from an abadaoned trck parked in Qalandar Khil locality of Bagram district roughly at 5:50 a.m local time on Saturday.”

The source further disclosed that seven additional rockets fail to fire as they were defused by Afghan security forces. There was however no immediate report on casualties or extent of damage. In the meantime, no group has claimed responsibility.

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