Plans to Review Nigeria’s Labour Laws Underway- Minister

Plans to Review Nigeria’s Labour Laws Underway- Minister

Labour Laws

The Federal Government has revealed ongoing plans to review the country’s Labour Laws in line with global standards. This is meant to strengthen labour rights amongst others.

Senator Chris Ngige, the Minister of Labour and Employment, said the proposed laws will meet the standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO). The review would later on be sent to the National Assembly.

Ngige made this known on Thursday. This was at the meeting with Kathleen FitzGibbon, the Deputy Chief Mission of the United States in Nigeria, and Carolyn Parker, Labor Attaché.

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The Minister disclosed they have received assistance from the ILO. The Federal Government has established a steering committee to partner with the Ministry of Labour. The committee will investigate issues relating to child trafficking and slave labour. Senator Ngige also stated that the FG already had a child labor policy. However, action plans are being made to replace it following its expiration in 2017. Ngige expressed hope of that the Child Labour policy will be launched next year after it has been validated by the National Assembly.

He further stated that child labour laws will ensure that children working in mines and plantations are protected. He added that the FG needs help from the USA for the equipping of schools and also technical and logical assistance. ‘We expect the American government to help us in equipping schools. You have done it in Ivory Coast. You did in South Sudan or one of those countries. They said it when we went for AGOA (Africa Growth and Opportunity Act) in 2017,’ he added.

The US Department of Labour revealed that by 2019 Nigeria had recorded minimal advancement in efforts to eradicate the worst forms of child labour.

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