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Turkey Earthquake: 3-Year-Old Girl Miraculously Rescued after 91 hours

Ayda Gezgin, a three-year-old Turkish girl, is said to have been ‘miraculously’ rescued 91 hours after a deadly earthquake rocked the country’s western coast.

The Turkish rescue team had a reason to cheer after the girl was pulled out alive from the wreckage of a collapsed apartment in Turkey.

The shaking of the powerful earthquake which happened on Friday was felt from Istanbul to Athens instantly killing two teenagers on their way home from school on the Greek island of Samos.

Fahrettin Koca, Health Minister, recounted the moment the three-year-old, Ayda, was pulled out of the rubbles, uninjured.

He said, ‘She tells her name and says she does not feel pain.’

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Ahmet Celik, one of the rescuers said, ‘I heard a child’s voice…I put my head through the hole.’ He recalled her saying she was very thirsty and requested water and ayran, a salty yoghurt beverage.

Another rescuer narrated how he gave the little girl blood serum and covered her up with a blanket immediately she was pulled out. He said, ‘We are very happy. I cannot describe the moment she stared at us.’

Murat Kurum, Minister of Environment and Urbanisation, revealed that the girl is safe and is receiving care in the hospital.

However, the rescue mission is still ongoing as the girl’s mother is believed to still be trapped under the rubble.

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